Commercial Geothermal System for Bixby Oklahoma School

Bixby Public Schools are In The Loop!

Environmental Loop Service has designed and installed several Geothermal Heat Pump systems in the Bixby Public School area.

Bixby Middle School

"We installed a 500 ton Geothermal Ground Source Heat Exchanger"

Bixby Middle School is located on the east side of the 72 acres north of Bixby High School, between Riverview and Mingo. The new building features geothermal heat throughout, and many other energy saving systems. The project involved drilling 278 wells 400 feet deep which supports a 500 ton Heat Pump System.

Northeast Elementary 

Phase I included the drilling of 266 wells drilled to 400 feet to support the elementary schools Geothermal Heat Pump System. Approximately 800 feet of loop was installed in every well.  266 wells, 800 foot of pipe in each well?  That's a lot of pipe!  

Bixby 9th Grade Center Phase I & II

Another 105 wells were drilled to a depth of 400 feet to connect Bixby's new 9th grade center to it's Geothermal Heat Pump System to complete Phase I of the project.

Phase II includes 86 additional wells. Work is estimated for completion in 2017.

Bixby High School and Science Academy

The High School and Science Academy buildings in Bixby are also heated and cooled with geothermal systems installed by Environmental Loop Service.

Bixby Northeast Intermediate

Phase I of NE Intermediate was completed in 2016 and Phase II is set to be completed in 2017.

Bixby 5th & 6th grade and Media Center

ELS also designed and installed the geothermal systems for Bixby's 5th and 6th grade building.  Over 150 wells have been drilled and thousands of feet of pipe has been installed, headered and purged during phases I, II and III of this project.

Bixby South Intermediate & Administration Building

Another Geo system installed and designed by our team at Environmental Loop Service.

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