Geothermal Drilling Expertise

Loop Design, Fabrication & Installation

Designing Renewable Energy Systems since 1980

Partners since 1980, Peter Shillingford and Jay Murphy formed Environmental Loop Service (ELS) in 1999 to fill a gap in the ground source heat pump marketplace. Environmental Loop Service specializes in the ground source development of geothermal systems as a renewable energy.   Our experience includes well drilling, headering, and piping.  These areas of the geothermal system require precise engineering to assure a high functioning system.   

In the early years of heat pump systems we were quite involved in establishing protocols for efficiency.  The current HVAC industry develops systems that are well designed for residential, commercial and industrial ground source heat and air conditioning systems.  Environmental Loop Service works with many HVAC Contractors to help residential and commercial property owners save money, reduce their carbon footprint and be more comfortable. 

Our experience with design build of geothermal systems right here in Oklahoma, allows us to work efficiently with team on  installations.  ELS is positioned as a leader in geothermal heating and cooling systems..  According the the EPA,  the most efficient source of heating and cooling for your home or business.

Our expertise has allowed us to correct system deficiencies with systems installed by previous contractors.  We are called on by schools, banks, builders, mechanical contractors and homeowners who are looking to correct systems to gain the proper energy efficiencies 

As with any type of work having the right equipment and tools will assure the work you perform is done correctly and efficiently. In our early days we spent time defining Best Practices for drilling, headering and piping.  Our goal is to assure that we design a system for the highest level of performance, the lowest maintenance and the longest life span. 


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