Geothermal systems in collaboration with your HVAC contractor

What we do and what your HVAC contractor does

We partner with your HVAC contractor to design and install geothermal heating and air systems.  If you are not already working with an HVAC contractor, no problem.  We will help you find a reputable company in your area to assist.

Work done by your HVAC company:

Load calculation

Ductwork (if needed)  Existing ductwork is often adequate in the case of retrofit projects

Unit install

Work done by Environmental Loop Service:

Design an optimal geothermal system for your unique project

Site Evaluation: We help to decide on the location of equipment and piping

Find you financial credits and rebates available in your area to offset cost

Obtain required permits

Drill wells

Install ground loops

Pipe to unit and install pump room when needed

Create an as-built of the job

Purge the system of air and debris

Warranty the installation

Cleanup all piping and dirt work

Service and repair

What we do

Is my property a good place for heating with geothermal?