One Stop Shop for Geothermal Systems in Oklahoma

We are the oldest Geothermal System Design & Install Team in the Nation

The Experience we bring to your project is priceless.  We have helped to grow this industry and seen pretty much everything that can be done and know why it works and why not.  We help you install systems that will outlast all the others and create the highest efficiencies for your heat exchange scenario.

As a design build company we work hand in hand with your mechanical contractor assure the correct specification for your system application.  We warranty our labor for a full 12 months.  If any anomalies or failures occur we work together with you and your mechanical contractor to troubleshoot and solve the problem.  

At Environmental Loop Systems, our first goal is sustained customer relationships. From the beginning of each project, we focus on understanding your needs and the specific factors associated with your site. We look to the best project value for our customer, which includes adapting our work to your specific project. 

Along with excellent customer relationships, we bring multiple competencies to any work we do.


Qualified Labor

We carry multiple certifications 

All installers are IGSHPA certified

Licensed mechanical journeymen 

Underground and process piping 

ELS is licensed and bonded

One Stop Shop

Loop Engineering and Design
Loop Fabrication 
Loop Drilling
Loop Installation 

Great Procurement

Over the years we have developed relationships with competent vendors that supply products and machinery that we use in the fabrication and installation of your system.  

Experienced Project Management

Keeping projects organized and on schedule and assuring that no detail is missed in the implementation of every project.

Safety First

Our extremely capable and certified engineers, project managers and installers value safety as a key aspect of every project. Every member of the ELS team has undergone OSHA training.


Is my property a good place for heating with geothermal?