Environmental Loop Fabrication

Environmental Loop Service (ELS) designs and builds the header manifolds that unite all the different wells to the inside of the building. Manifolds connect the pipes from the various wells to one central location. The manifold is then connected to the heat pump inside the building which relies on the well system for its proper operation. Each manifold is custom manufactured and installed for each project to ensure the best and most efficient system.

In larger commercial jobs an underground vault is built to house the larger, more complex manifolds and connect several loop systems together before entering the structure. Manifold vaults provide an access for service, isolate the individual well systems, and keep the piping installed inside the structure to a minimum. 

Due to its proven durability, the type of piping used in all of our systems is High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE). The specific needs of each system dictate precisely what size, diameter, and thickness of pipe is required. The standard HDPE pipe used in our loops is SDR11 and has a manufacturer warranty of 50 years.

Heat fusion is used to join the pipe together. Fusion joints are made by joining two molten pipe ends together under pressure. Properly made, joints made by fusion are stronger and more reliable than mechanically coupled pipe. The joints don’t leak and are as strong as, or stronger than, the native pipe. ELS has all the tools and equipment necessary to perform any heat fusion. 

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