Geothermal Drilling for Oklahoma Renewable Energy

Geothermal drilling provides necessary access to the earth without damaging the environment. The underground heat storage by the earth is accessed, which allows us to achieve heating and cooling of your house or business. If we proceed to the next stage, geothermal drilling can tap into unique temperature levels 2-3 miles. Under the surface to tap steam making power to bring electrical generation needs.

If you are considering a Geothermal Heat Pump for your commercial or residential properties, then you should contact the experts at Environmental Loop Service to evaluate the feasibility and technical parameters of your soil and drill site.  We will define the depths needed to drill and the number of drill loops to produce the optimum result that you expect from your investment.

Each site can be evaluated for one of two types of drilling.  Horizontal loop drilling is economical, but requires land areas with a larger surface area and without hard rock surfaces. An installation can use multiple trenches as a single pipe in narrow trenches, and multi-pipes in wide trenches. A horizontal loop system allows loop installation with trench sizes based on the size of the home lot.

In the lots with limited surface space, Vertical loop drilling provides effective geothermal loop solutions. In this case holes are bored in the ground to the depth required by your system needs. Long loops of pipe are then inserted into the ground and then connected to headers in a trench leading back into the manifold system.

The objective of drilling is to install a specific amount of pipe,

not to reach a specific underground depth.

Environment Loop Service has years of experience with an experienced professional team.  Our professional team will implement the correct well drilling for your project. Working with Environmental Loop Service will bring your ground loop system project the highest level of energy savings.  We always strive to exceed the satisfaction and expectation of clients by offering prompt and quality service.

Our certified drilling team has the experience and the equipment to manage your drilling project in an efficient and timely manner.

Is my property a good place for heating with geothermal?